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Thinking I fell off…whole time, I’m loading up.

As creatives, we sometimes experience blockages that result in doubt, fear and a need for rest, reassurance and redirection.

The goal for me has continuously been to do NOTHING WITHOUT INTENTION. Lots of times, that looks like not being as active virtually, but the (internal & external) work never stopped.

Within the last year, I relocated to New Orleans. It has been nothing short of a joy as this has been a place near and dear to my heart since a child.

I also got a big girl job…EVENT MANAGER for an amazing company.

This new role has been a transition for me with navigating a full time job, as well as creating experiences for my own business. It has been far from easy, but as they say “to get something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”.

Last November, I got to be a part of the production of the 49th Annual Bayou Classic. This was so fulfilling and such a full circle moment being an HBCU alumna of Southern University and A&M College. We have already been gearing up for this year and I am SO EXCITED.

With more events here and there, I also got to add another wedding under my belt and it was simply beautiful.

Just recently, I embarked on a new passion of mine and completed my doula certification. I’m sure you’re thinking, how the hell does an event planner tie in with a doula? More to come on that :)

These creative wheels are constantly turning. The ideas are steadily flowing. I remain in the position of a student to always be teachable. The script is forever being written. I am in no rush nor will I go at anyone else’s pace. The timing is always divine.

In this current season, I am allowing myself to freely create and flow as I please while instilling discipline and consistency. For those who’ve been a part of the journey and to those who may be new here…let’s just enjoy the ride.

With gratitude,


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Kendyl Gipson
Kendyl Gipson
09 août 2023


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